Frequently Asked Questions

Use this section for questions about your services. Sed nunc, himenaeoseusemper sed elit.

When Should you order your cake?

we recommend placing a $ 100 non-refundable date deposit on your cake as soon as you are certain you'd like one .

simple , smaller birthday cakes can be ordered as late as week in advance they are easier for us to fit into the schedule . 

sculpted , large , multi - tiered cakes should de treated like any commissioned art work and ordered at least a month ahead of time if that possible .So if you are ordering for an event during peak wedding season ( April-October)  plan on booking several months in advance to secure your date.


Do we make vegan cakes and desserts?

Yes we do vegan vanilla,, and vegan chocolate cake muffins, cookies and other delicious treats. please contact us to see what we have to offer 


Do we provide a preview/ sketch of your cake ?

yes.   We sketch out a basic line drawing at the cake designs -wise. Then, after we have the date deposit we are able to spend more time completing a more detailed sketch of your final design.

our manger are artists with degrees in Fine Art , so if  you want to send us a picture of any thing you  like children's toys ,invitations, favorite mug , lace pattern on wedding dress, trust us we are able to translate it into an elegant custom cake.  


Do we make nut-free cakes and desserts?

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