How to Order your Custom Cake.

 All custom orders will be done through our email:

When placing a order please make sure to specify the following in your email:

  • The date you will need the cake. (we typically need a minimum of 10-14 days notice for custom orders).

  • The number of people attending the event/gathering. (this is to dictate the correct size for your cake).

  • Pictures of any designs or themes you'd like for your cake. (specifics can be discussed later on).

  • The flavor of the cake and filling of the cake. Our options are as follows:

    • Cake flavors:​

      • Vanilla

      • Chocolate

      • Red Velvet

      • Carrot​​

    • Fillings:​

      • Chocolate mousse​

      • Vanilla meringue buttercream

      • Whipped cream

      • Cream cheese

      • Fresh Strawberries and whipped cream


Payment Policy:

We require a full payment for all custom orders at least 7 days prior to the order deadline. The reason for this is that all custom orders are a significant time investment, and failure to meet payment deadlines exposes us to losses that we can't afford as a small bakery.

Due to this, failure to pay within schedule cannot ensure that we can complete your order.

Due to the unique nature of each custom order and the amount of time needed to make them, once the order is placed and paid for, we cannot refund the order and there is no cancellations for any custom orders.

Once the order is placed, we immediately take necessary steps to ensuring your cake will be completed on time (whether it be by turning down other potential orders, scheduling other decorators or purchasing the necessary supplies and tools needed to make your cake.

There cannot be any changes made to your order after it is paid for.

Please note: Once the order has left the store, we are no longer liable for that order.